HUD Section 3

Section 3 requires that recipients of certain U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) financial assistance, to the greatest extent possible, provide job training, employment, and contracting opportunities for lower-income residents (regardless of race or gender).


Meet & Confer

It is the desire of the City of Cincinnati Department of Community & Economic Development to enhance economic opportunity by requiring any entity that receives City funding for a project involving construction to meet and confer with minority, female, and locally owned contractors/small business as well trade unions.

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Development Legislation & Policy

Tax Incentive Reporting

The Tax Incentive Review Council is created by the Ohio Revised Code, which states that the TIRC shall annually review all agreements granting exemptions from property taxation under various chapters of the ORC and any performance audit reports required to be pursuant to those agreements. The Council shall determine if the owner of the exempted property has complied with the Agreement. The Council shall also review all exemptions relating to the declaration of public purpose improvements.

Tax Incentive Reporting/TIRC