Available City-Owned Property & Request for Proposals

The City of Cincinnati’s Department of Community & Economic Development is dedicated to expanding access to development opportunities within the City. Our team has concentrated its efforts towards putting vacant, city-owned property back to work for the community.

If you are a developer, architect, construction firm, broker, etc. and are interested in learning about these opportunities as they are released, please take a moment to provide us with your contact information at the bottom of our home page.

Additional Available Sites

Finding the right site can make or break your business expansion.
Our team is dedicated to helping you find the perfect fit for your business in Cincinnati.

Small Businesses

Our Small Business Team works with entrepreneurs to connect them with the opportunities they need to get started and continue to be successful.

Opportunities for small businesses include:

  • Open Kitchen Workshops
  • Cash Reigns Supreme Seminars
  • Downtown Vending Program
  • Women, Minority, & Small Business Enterprises

Meet & Confer

The Meet & Confer program aims to provide opportunities for minority, female and locally owned contractors/small businesses as well as trade unions to meet with entities that receive City funding. These meetings explain the construction project scope, what areas will be open for bids and more. All interested contractors and suppliers are welcome to attend.