Residential Tax Abatement

When you build a new home or invest in renovations, your property taxes can go up. The City of Cincinnati’s Residential Property Tax Abatement allows owners to pay taxes on the pre-improvement value of their property for 10-15 years. Property tax abatement is available for any increased valuation that results from improvements to the property for new construction and renovation.

Tax abatement benefits stay with the property the entire length of the abatement and transfer to any new property owner within the approved time period. Please note that applications should be submitted with a $250 application fee.

Abatement terms commence as soon as the new improvements have been assessed by the Hamilton County Auditor, either partially or fully.

Applications should be submitted once the project is complete and all permits are closed. In the rare instance that the project is either partially or fully valued by the Hamilton County Auditor prior to project completion, an application may be filed at that time with a copy of the notice of assessment from the County (see application for details). 

For questions about Residential Tax Abatements, please email