Note: Applicants for certain types of City Business — including development incentives with an estimated value of $100,000 or more per year — will be required to complete the City Business Disclosure Form pursuant to CMC Chapter 119.

More information is available on the City Business List webpage.

Community Reinvestment Area Tax Abatement

The Community Reinvestment Area (CRA) Commercial Abatement program offers a partial property tax abatement to companies and developers building or renovating a residential, commercial, industrial, or mixed-use facility in cases where the new or renovated facilities will result in job creation.

Commercial CRA Application

Applicant’s Guide to City Business

SBE Utilization Plan

Balanced Development Application

CRA Commercial Flyer 2022

VTICA Policy

Tax Increment Financing

Developers making a large-scale investment that requires substantial public improvements may be able to use tax increment financing (TIF) to offset a portion of those costs. The city has 35 tax increment districts and in some cases will create a TIF specific to a project.

Real Estate Financing Gap or Property Sale Assistance

Developers may request general real estate assistance that is outside of a CRA, JCTC, or TIF incentive structure. This assistance request may include the purchase of city property or a request for city gap financing.

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