2016 Annual Report

The Department of Community and Economic Development has released its 2016 Annual Report, featuring programs, highlights, benchmarks and more. 

fDi Magazine: Cincinnati Among Top 10 'American Cities of the Future'
The City of Cincinnati was selected as a Top 10 American City of the Future in four different categories, including: No. 6 Overall, No. 9 for Economic Potential, No. 8 for Business Friendliness, and  No. 4 for FDI Strategy.

Unlocking the Tri-State Region: Foreign Direct Investment Symposium
Join us on March 31 for an event that focuses on foreign direct investment strategy as it relates to investment in the areas of infrastructure and real estate, and manufacturing, trade and workforce. 

Downtown Retail Action Plan
The Retail Action Plan aims to facilitate and hasten the development of a critical mass of retail businesses in the central business district that will result in a more sustainable downtown core. Working with strategic partners and key stakeholders, our collaborative approach leveraged their expertise in crafting the Action Plan and will continue to do so through its implementation. 

Coming Soon: Webinars and Trainings
Join the Department of Community and Economic Development for virtual training opportunities to learn more about working with the City, small business resources, neighborhood development and more. 

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Cincinnati, Ohio

Welcome to Cincinnati, a thriving city at the heart of Ohio’s tristate area joining Kentucky and Indiana. Located along the banks of the Ohio River, Cincinnati is a global business center offering superior accessibility to customers and suppliers across the world.  It is the transportation, industrial, commercial and cultural center for a region that is home to more than 2.1 million people.  Home to nine Fortune 500 companies and more than 300 foreign-owned firms, Cincinnati is a world-class city to do business in. 

“The advantages [of doing business in Cincinnati] have a lot to do with talent, cost of talent, and cost of happiness. The reality is that a developer here, a marketer here, a leader here, is going to have a better quality of life.“
Rodney Williams, Founder & CEO, LISNR
“We’ve had great experiences partnering with the City of Cincinnati. I would challenge anyone to find an infrastructure and support system as large, broad and capable as Cincinnati.”
Stuart Aitken, CEO, 84.51°
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