Incentives & Financing
Whether you run an established corporation or are developing an early-stage business, the City of Cincinnati provides the resources you need to grow and thrive.

City of Cincinnati Financing & Incentives

New and existing businesses locating in Cincinnati can take advantage of a variety of incentives and tax credits to reduce the costs. Familiarize yourself with the various incentives available to businesses and download the respective one-sheets or contact us for more information.


Community Reinvestment Area

The Community Reinvestment Area (CRA) Commercial Abatement program offers companies and developers building or renovating a residential, commercial, industrial, or mixed-use facility in cases where the new or renovated facilities will result in job creation. LEARN MORE

Job Creation Tax Credit

The City of Cincinnati may offer a job creation tax credit (JCTC) to a company that is considering expanding in, or moving to, Cincinnati. The JCTC provides an increase to a company’s yearly profits by reducing their tax obligation to the City.  LEARN MORE

Tax Increment Financing

Developers making a large-scale investment that requires substantial public improvements may be able to use tax increment financing (TIF) to offset a portion of those costs. The city has 21 tax increment districts and in some cases will create a TIF specific to a project. LEARN MORE

Ohio Historic Preservation Tax Credit Program

The Ohio Historic Preservation Tax Credit Program is a state-level program that provides a tax credit to leverage the private redevelopment of historic buildings.  This program is highly competitive and receives applications biannually, in March and September.  Owners and long-term lessees of historically designated buildings who undertake a rehabilitation project may apply for the tax credit. LEARN MORE 


Browse our frequently ask questions regarding incentive programs. LEARN MORE