Foreign Direct Investment

Cincinnati is poised to take advantage of FDI trends seen across the United States. As foreign companies look past larger, more expensive gateway cities to more cost-effective locations, middle-market cities like Cincinnati are stepping up to bring more capital, jobs, and innovation to the economy.

Foreign Direct Investment in the Cincinnati Region

As a city that has seen great benefit from its relationships with Europe and Asia, we understand the value in courting global investment. As we look for ways to grow our local economy, a key ingredient to establishing sustainable growth will involve a regional approach to attracting foreign direct investment.

To stay ahead of the curve, we have partnered with stakeholders throughout the region and country to take immediate action. In March 2017, we brought local, regional, national and international thought leaders in FDI to Cincinnati for a productive conversation with concrete ideas for regional partners to execute. The event, 'Unlocking the Tri-State Region: FDI Symposium,' provided ideas and best practices that helped us generate a new strategy report and resource navigator for the region.

"Unlocking the Tri-State Region: Foreign Direct Investment Strategy Report" offers insights into existing conditions, areas of opportunity, and action items for recruiting and retaining foreign direct investment.

View the full report: Unlocking the Tri-State Region: Foreign Direct Investment Strategy.

To access the FDI resource navigator click here

In today’s economic and political landscape, there are many unknowns we face around global connectivity and FDI. We are in a better position than ever to have a proactive, meaningful strategy around attracting foreign direct investment to establish sustainable growth in our local economy. A strategic FDI initiative allows Cincinnati to position itself as a sophisticated market that is able to handle complex financing structures, and bolsters confidence in Cincinnati’s investment climate for investors.

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