Upcoming and Current RFPs
The City of Cincinnati boasts the sites to suit your specific business needs and the programs to help you meet your goals. Countless businesses have harnessed the services of our organization and we are eager to help you take the next step in your business’s growth plan.

Upcoming RFPs - Are you on our list?

The City of Cincinnati's Department of Community & Economic Development is excited to announce that a series of RFPs will be released over the upcoming months, showcasing various development opportunities throughout our city.  

If you are a developer, architect, construction firm, broker, etc. and are interested in learning about these opportunities as they are released, please take a moment to provide us with your contact information here.

Current RFPs

The Department of Community and Economic Development is currently accepting proposals for parking consulting services.  View the RFP here

The City of Cincinnati Department of Community and Economic Development is excited to announce our next series of requests for proposals as an end-of-summer Block Party. This theme reflects our focus on neighborhoods and activating spaces for development where people will gather to live, work and play. To view this series of RFPs including the Transportation Service Provider Aggregation Web Tool RFP click here.

To view other business opportunities with the City of Cincinnati, please visit the Division of Purchasing