Consumer Products & Brand Development
The City of Cincinnati supports a diverse group of industries, combining to create a dynamic and energetic economy.

Cincinnati Consumer Products & Brand Development

As home to Proctor & Gamble, Cincinnati is recognized worldwide as a leader in the support of the consumer research and brand management sectors. Much in the same way New York is recognized as a hub for financial services and advertising, Cincinnati is the center for brand creation and design—nowhere in the world is there a higher concentration of advanced brand design consultancies than here in the Queen City.

A City of Brands

Nearly 100 years ago, D. Paul “Doc” Smelser developed the first modern consumer research department when he organized a unit to help Proctor & Gamble understand how its products were being used. Since that day, Cincinnati has developed its reputation as a “city of brands”—from conceptualization and consumer research to the deployment of marketing and advertising campaigns, Cincinnati businesses focus on the steps needed to take a successful brand to market.

Today, nine Fortune 500 companies call Cincinnati home, meaning the Queen City is among the nation’s top 10 Fortune 500 clusters. An additional 15 Fortune 1000 companies are based here. Proctor & Gamble, the world’s largest consumer products company; Macy’s, the largest department store retailers; and Kroger, one of the nation’s largest grocery chains, all anchor their businesses in Cincinnati.

Key Regional Attributes

  • Over 200 consumer products companies employ 5,000 local employees in Greater Cincinnati.
  • Nearly 370 Fortune 500 companies and 300 foreign firms have a presence in the region.
  • The University of Cincinnati-College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning (DAAP) is one of the top ranked design schools in the country.
  • DAAP alumni include graphic designer Michael Bierut, architect Michael Graces, interior designer Eva Maddox and Jerry Kathman, CEO of LPK, the largest employee-owned brand identity agency.

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Did You Know?
In every grocery store aisle in the world, there is as at least one consumer product branded by a Cincinnati design firm.