The City of Cincinnati supports a diverse group of industries, combining to create a dynamic and energetic economy.

Cincinnati BioHealth

BioHealth companies locating in Cincinnati are able to leverage the city’s business friendly environment, its skilled workforce and access to capital markets. The region is already home to more than 220 businesses involved in the research, testing and production of pharmaceutical, medical and agricultural products, each of which take advantage of the city’s world-class research and development infrastructure and top-ranked education and training programs. Buffered by the city’s excellent transportation assets and strategic location, Cincinnati’s BioHealth industry is well positioned for continued growth.

Key Regional Attributes

  • Business Facilities magazine ranked Ohio among the top-30 biotech locations in the U.S.
  • In 2008, Ohio hosted 16 percent of all clinical trials conducted in the U.S.
  • The University of Cincinnati Academic Health Center is the region’s largest employer, boasting an economic impact of more than $3.59 billion per year.
  • Six departments within the UC College of Medicine rank in the top 20 for federal research funding, including neurology, environmental health and molecular genetics.
  • Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center is recognized as one of the top three children’s hospitals for general pediatrics and is highly ranked for additional specialties, including digestive diseases, respiratory diseases and cancer.
  • The University of Cincinnati Medical Center, boasting $6.5 million in patent earnings, is ranked 27th nationally out of 151 research institutions.
  • UC Medical Center’s graduate biomedical training programs ranks 15th nationally.