Tenant Representation
Cincinnati’s renters deserve safe, clean and affordable housing and we provide the assistance to make sure our city’s tenants, particularly low-income residents, are treated fairly and honestly.

Cincinnati Tenant Representation

Through the Tenant Representation Project, the Legal Aid Society of Greater Cincinnati provides legal representation for low-income tenants who have legal problems related to tenant-landlord relations, including evictions, lockouts, landlord interference with utility service, enforcement of housing and health codes, and other tenant rights.

In addition to direct representation, Legal Aid also provides written information to low-income tenants concerning return of security deposits, defense of claims for back rent, lockouts, use of rent escrow procedures, use of public housing grievance procedures or other housing-related problems.

If you have a legal concern related to your housing situation and would like to find out how Legal Aid can help, please contract them at 513-241-9400 or visit the organization’s website.