The City of Cincinnati’s Community Development Department is committed to streamlining the development process. From federal and city funding to multifamily and commercial development tax abatements, our city offers a variety of programs to promote the continued development of the Queen City’s skyline.

Cincinnati Land Reutilization Program

The purpose of the Cincinnati Land Reutilization Program (CLRP) is to purposefully acquire non-productive property and return it back to productive use. Productive use includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Homeownership,
  2. Multi-income housing development,
  3. Rental housing (single-family and multi-family)
  4. Commercial / Industrial development,
  5. Parks / recreation,
  6. Institutional / Public use,
  7. Infrastructure, including green infrastructure,
  8. Community gardens, urban agriculture and green space, and
  9. Side-lot / vacant lot purchase and maintenance.

The City returns non-productive CLRP parcels to productive use by selling property to established developers, non-profit organizations, residents and other responsible purchasers. As well, the City may acquire or retain certain CLRP parcels for its own development projects. The CLRP recognizes that “productive use” will vary depending on the individual neighborhood and property conditions. The redevelopment opportunities and challenges in every neighborhood are unique and that the interpretation of “productive use” under the CLRP requires flexibility based upon this reality. The CLRP operates in cooperation with the Hamilton County Auditor’s Office and is governed by Chapter 5722 of the Ohio Revised Code, Cincinnati Ordinance No. 265-1996, and Cincinnati Municipal Code Chapter 331.