Cincinnati Neighborhoods: Millvale

At just under one-third of one square mile, Millvale is located to Cincinnati’s west, bordered to the north by South Cumminsville, to the south by English Woods, to the east by Camp Washington, and to the west by East Westwood.

Thanks to a $250,000 donation from Procter and Gamble and a $50,000 gift from the Reds Community Fund, the Millvale Recreation Center was recently renovated and is a central part of life for many Millvale residents.  An after school program and a teen program are offered at the center.  Additional amenities include a computer center, swimming pool, fitness center, game room, gym, playground, and more.  Ethel M. Taylor Elementary is located in Millvale.  Neighborhood development is led by the Millvale Residents & Community Council.