Neighborhood Support Program
The City's Neighborhood Support Program provides funding to community councils for neighborhood projects and activities.

Neighborhood Support Program

The City's Neighborhood Support Program provides funding to community councils for neighborhood projects and activities.
Self-determination and community improvement are the foundations of the program. Through Neighborhood Support Program, the City extends a challenge to its neighborhoods: "What can we do together to improve the quality of life in your community?"

What Can Funds Be Used For?

In FY 2019, each eligible community council can receive up to $6,085.

Community councils have used the funds for:

  • Membership drives.
  • Newsletters.
  • Beautification and clean-up activities.
  • Summer employment or cultural activities for neighborhood youth.
  • Networking and training workshops for community leaders.

Who's Eligible?

There are currently 51 neighborhood councils recognized in the City of Cincinnati. The Neighborhood Support Program is an annual process open only to these 51 neighborhood councils.

How Do We Apply?

Councils must submit an annual proposal that has been approved by residents living within that neighborhood.

Program forms are available as downloadable PDFs. Please follow the links in the right column of this page.

Meetings & Deadlines

Note: All reviews will take place at 805 Central Avenue, II Centennial Plaza on the seventh floor (7th) in the Griesel Conference Room at 5:30pm.

A Pre-Review with the City coordinator is mandatory for all proposals.

Below are the review dates and proposal submission deadlines of the new fiscal year 2019 for the Neighborhood Support Program City Grant.

Review Committee Date Submission Deadline
Tuesday, September 25th Friday, September 14th
Tuesday, October 23th Friday, October 12th
Tuesday, November 27th Friday, November 16th
No December Meeting N/A
Tuesday, January 22rd Friday, January 11th
Tuesday, February 26th Friday, February 15th
Tuesday, March 26th Friday, March 15th
  • All reviews will take place at 5:30pm in the Griesel Conference Room, located on the seventh (7th) floor of II Centennial Plaza, 805 Central Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45202.
  • Proposals must be pre-reviewed in advance of the Review Meeting. The Submission Deadline is the due date for any proposal planning to be presented at the corresponding Review Committee Meeting.
  • Original proposals may be mailed or delivered to the Department of Community and Economic Development, 805 Central Avenue, Two Centennial Plaza, Suite 700, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202. Feel free to send your proposal electronically as an email attachment to be preapproved.  Whether emailed, mailed or hand delivered, proposals must be received on the deadline submission day by 4:00p.m. to be considered for the respective Review Meeting. If it is not submitted in time, the proposal will be held until the following Review Meeting.

FY2019 Review Committee
The Review Committee is comprised of neighborhood representatives who serve as a peer review group for all NSP proposals. The purpose of the Review Committee is to review and vote for or against NSP proposals, recommend the issuance of contracts to communities by the City and provide input to the City relative to changes or enhancement of the program. A minimum of five members of the Review Committee shall be present at a meeting to constitute a quorum. The following Community Councils are expected to serve on the FY2019 Review Committee:

 FY2019 Review Committee
 College Hill  Oakley
 Downtown  Sedamsville 
 Hyde Park  Walnut Hills
 Madisonville  Winton Hills
 North Fairmount   

Review Committee members must attend majority of the Committee meetings scheduled during their term for their Community Council to be considered as having fulfilled their obligation to serve. A Community Council that does not fulfill its requirement will be subject to suspension by the Review Committee from participation in NSP. The Review Committee will review potential suspensions and recommend reinstatement conditions for each case.