Community Development Corporations
Community development corporations are a tremendous resource and link for citizens to become involved in their communities.  

CDC Directory

Learn more about the Community Development Corporations at You can also check out the chart below to find your community's CDC website.

Neighborhood CDC  Website
Avondale Avondale Development Corporation
Bond Hill Bond Hill Community Urban Redevelopment Center
California California Community Council
Camp Washington Camp Washington Community Council
Carthage Carthage Civic League
Clifton Uptown Consortium
College Hill College Hill Community Urban Redevelopment Corporation
Columbia Tusculum Columbia Tusculum Community Council
Corryville Uptown Consortium
CUF Clifton Heights CURC
Downtown Cincinnati Center City Development Corporation (3CDC)
East End East End Area Council
East Price Hill Price Hill Will
East Walnut Hills Desales Corner Development Corporation
East Westwood East Westwood Improvement Association
English Woods English Woods Civic Association
Evanston Evanston Community Council
Hartwell Hartwell Improvement Association
Hyde Park Hyde Park Neighborhood Council
Kennedy Heights Kennedy Heights Development Corporation
Linwood Linwood Community Council
Lower Price Hill Lower Price Hill Community Council
Lower Price Hill Price Hill Will
Madisonville Madisonville Community Urban Redevelopment Corporation
Millvale Millvale Residents & Community Council
Mt. Adams Mt. Adams Civic Association
Mt. Airy Mt. Airy Community Urban Redevelopment Enterprise (C.U.R.E)
Mt. Auburn Mt. Auburn Community Development Corporation (MACDC)
Mt. Lookout Mt. Lookout Community Council
Mt. Washington Mt. Washington Community Development Corporation Coming soon!
North Avondale North Avondale Neighborhood Association
North Fairmount North Fairmount Community Council
Northside Northsiders Engaged in Sustainable Transformation (NEST)
Oakley Oakley Community Council
Over-the-Rhine Over-the-Rhine Community Council
Paddock Hills Paddock Hills Assembly
Pendleton Pendleton Neighborhood Council
Pleasant Ridge Pleasant Ridge Development Corporation
Queensgate Queensgate Business Alliance
Riverside Riverside Civic & Welfare Club
Roselawn Roselawn Community Urban Redevelopment Corporation Roselawn Community Urban Redevelopment Corporation Facebook
Sayler Park Sayler Park Village Council
Sedamsville Sedamsville CDC
South Cumminsville South Cumminsville Community Council
  WIN: South Cumminsville Action Team
South Fairmount South Fairmount Community Council
Spring Grove Village Spring Grove Village Community Council
Villages at Roll Hill Villages at Roll Hill Community Council
Walnut Hills Walnut Hills Redevelopment Foundation
West End West End Community Council
West Price Hill Price Hill Will
Westwood Revitalize Westwood Coalition
Winton Hills Winton Hills Community Council